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06/21/18 03:08 PM #404    


Bill Davis

On the heels of the 45th Reunion, a lot of people have reached out and reconnected with friends they haven’t talked to in years and that is fantastic to see.

Believe it or not, the first steps toward the 50th Reunion (AKA “The Big One”) have already begun. There is a new tab on the home page for information going forward, but in the mean time...

There is One Request:

Please take a moment to review the Missing Classmates link on the upper left and find someone that you have contact information for and encourage them to register for this website. By the time the 50th Reunion rolls around, our goal is to reach a minimum of 60% of our class. That is a lot easier said than done and your help is needed as we are at 46% presently. Please note that our information is not and will not be shared with anyone... not Facebook, not Twitter, and no advertisers. It was designed that way from the beginning and will stay that way... Period.

Note: The Class of ‘72 site is above 60%. Are we going to let them beat us??




08/29/18 06:16 AM #405    


Debra Chester (Maclin)

happy birthday my friend-have a great day

09/23/18 07:59 AM #406    


Earl Hauss

There is a post on FB in the "Arlington Heights High School Alumni" group that Archie Vanmeter passed away Friday evening.

It was nice he and Pat were able to make our 45th.  All take care,  Earl.

09/24/18 07:36 AM #407    


Anne Adele Szablowski (Robillard)

Thanks for posting, Earl. Sweet Mrs. Van Meter called me yesterday. She said it mean SO MUCH to Mr. Van Meter to attend our Reunion party this past summer! The funeral is this Friday, September 28, at 11 a.m., at First Methodist Church, Downtown Fort Worth, West 5th and Henderson Streets.  God bless ARCHIE VAN METER who touched so many of our lives.  Anne

09/24/18 10:08 PM #408    


Kim Michele Mummert

I also have some sad news. Suzanne Lambert Stovall's mother (Venice Lambert age 94) passed away last Wednesday Sept. 19th. Arrangements are as follows:

Visitation on Wednesday Sept. 26 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Funeral in the Chapel and to graveside 1:30pm

Greenwood Funeral Home & Chapel

3100 White Settlement Road

Fort Worth, TX  76107


I included the phone number in case anyone needed any additional information. The obituary should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon on Greenwood's website. It will not be in the newspaper so any of you that have parents or relatives that might have known Venice Lambert, please pass along the information.  Michele

09/26/18 10:20 AM #409    


Mack Mercer

I saw in today's Star Telegram that Our Heights biology teacher, Arch W. Van Meter passed away at the age of 86, Sept. 21st, 2018.They later named a scholarship after him.

Funeral will be Fri. 28th at 11:00am at First United Methodist in Ft. Worth.

I attended his class and what a super nice guy, with a friendly smile and great sense of humor.

Mack Mercer

09/27/18 10:25 AM #410    


Suzie (Suzanne) Jary

Yes, Arch Van Meter was great...I was in his class.  I know Ann Szablowski invited him and he came to our 45th Reunion in June....I didn't get a chance to see him though.  Always thought of him fondly. 

Also, Nelia McMillan's mother and Suzanne Lambert's mother died recently, at 98 and 94 respectively. 

Time is marching on.  Always fond memories of mothers. And yours Mack,,,loved your mom.

11/29/18 11:44 PM #411    


Suzie (Suzanne) Jary

Hi AHHS and North Hi Mount folks, (November 29, 2018)

Such sad news.  Heart breaking, too young, too sudden.


Kim Michele Mummert passed away of an apparent heart attack.  She was found yesterday, Wed. November 28, 2018, by Farmers Branch police.  Her very long time significant other, AC, (and each had their own place) last saw her on Sunday.  He called Monday and Tuesday and when she did not respond by Wednesday morning he called the police to go in.  It appears she attempted to use the phone and it might have happened Sunday night.


AC contacted Suzanne Lambert, who called me tonight.

More information will follow.  Michele had very few living relatives, and not sure when and the next steps. 


Michele was someone we all could depend on, - she was thoughtful, generous, good natured and she will be missed.  I am still in shock.  We all just saw Michele with AC at the 45th Reunion. 


Please post on the AHHS website, if you know how…..Michele knew how!!! And had recently posted!!

I’ll give it try, too.


So peace to all,

Warmly and fondly,

Suzie Jary


11/30/18 07:07 AM #412    

Robyn Davis (Flowers)

My thoughts and prayers are with Michele's friends and family.

11/30/18 09:12 AM #413    


Debra Chester (Maclin)

This breaks my heart I have known her all my life she lived across the street from my grandmother on Hamilton and she was adopted through the Edna Gladney home who was my great Aunt, we just taked about it at the 45th that was a special bond to us. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Deb Chester Maclin

12/26/18 06:51 PM #414    


Suzie (Suzanne) Jary

Hi Classmates,

In regard to Kim Michele Mummert and a service for her passing, things are still in process. 

It may be a couple of more months. 

Thanks for all your comments and remembrances.

Savor the moment.....and wishing all, good health and good times in 2019!

Suzie Jary, 682.234.4566


03/14/19 09:01 AM #415    


Jerry Boydstun




03/16/19 06:40 PM #416    


Anne Adele Szablowski (Robillard)

Class of '73 will be the BABIES, with Class of '60 hosting! Jackets Fight!  Anne

09/09/19 04:09 PM #417    


Marc Monzingo

I received an email from the AHHS Class of 73 regarding the passing away of Bob King. 

Bob was a great guy and I was very glad that we were friends!

I am so sorry that he passed away and my thoughts and prayers are with his family!

I would appreciate if any classmate has any information about Bob, if they would post it on Message Forum or message me. 

Thanks, for the memories Bob! you will be missed, my friend!


09/10/19 08:15 AM #418    


Eunice Bratton (McColm)

Bob King passed away in 1983 and had never been added to the In Memory page.  I was sent a notification by someone in our class.  I updated the website.  


09/10/19 11:02 AM #419    


Marc Monzingo

Thanks, Eunice!

11/04/19 08:45 AM #420    


Eunice Bratton (McColm)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Happy Hour at Blue Mesa this Thursday at 5!  Please reply to this message forum if you are coming so we can reserve plenty of room for our class.  Can't wait to see everyone there!!!



$5 large blue margaritas and well drinks
$5 house wine
$18 blue rocks craft jar – for 2 or more
$1 off all draft beer

Monday-Friday, 4–7pm


free with the purchase of a beverage

11/04/19 08:47 AM #421    


Claudia Hutchinson

I'll be there with my Yellow Jacket Wings on!!!!!

11/05/19 08:58 AM #422    


Eunice Bratton (McColm)

The AHHS marching band is doing a fundraising drive this weekend if anyone is interested here is the link to donate: 


11/05/19 11:03 AM #423    


Mike Coleman

It will be good to see everyone on November 7 at Blue Mesa. I love their quesadilla bar. And their margaritas. And their Mex food... See y'all there. 

11/05/19 06:45 PM #424    


Bo Walker

Hi Eunice, I will be there but my wife is already committed to something else. Thanks for coordinating this for us ...Bo Walker

11/05/19 08:29 PM #425    


Jean Stacy (Robinson)

Eunice, Count me in please! Look forward to it!

Jean Stacy Robinson

11/05/19 09:10 PM #426    


Deborah Ann Sarsgard (Whitton)

Grandmother duties just came up for Thursday night, so I will have to miss out on this one. Have a great time,💋👏



11/06/19 09:22 AM #427    


Jerry Boydstun

Out deer hunting, then leaving for Kansas Pheasant Hunt about 6pm Thursday, but time for one drink with early crowd

11/08/19 08:45 AM #428    


Eunice Bratton (McColm)

Jerry, I got your one drink!!!  A tequila old homey roomey...thank you!!!  We had such a blast catching up!  We missed all the Jackets that could not make it!  Maybe in the spring or summer we will have one giant 65th birthday party!!!  Everyone has to come...roll tardies!!!  Jacket spirit!!!

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