Richard Cope

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Spouse/Partner Beth
Occupation retired and loving it
Children Rick, born 1973: Crystal, born 1982; Ashley, born 1984; Kimberly, born 1988; Traci, born 1990, 6 grandchildren More…(3 boys, 3 girls) as of 2017

I spent 40 years as a landman in oil and gas exploration and production, mainly in Houston. Raised and educated 5 great children, who all have careers of their choice. 3 of them have given me 2 grandkids each. I know that I didn't lead the type of life that would warrant having such a great family, but as we all know, God works in mysterious ways, so I'm sure I will have to account for my misspent youth at some point.
As you may recall---

School Story

Spray painted Pascal-a little too inebriated and painted my name plus a girl I was dating (Dianne Garrett) on the school along with missing and spraying my face. Cleaned the glasses the best I could by Monday- called into Ludipoo's office on Monday along with the other 2 unnamed classmates. We lied, of course, and suggested someone had framed us as we weren't stupid enough to write our own name. Ludiker advised that the cops would interview us and suggested we all 3 stick to the same story. We did. (I took the glasses off for that and couldn't see a thing). Ludiker was a very cool asst principal.

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Christmas 2016
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Christmas 2016